"Dare to dream, and never accept failure."
Author.  Screenwriter.  Dreamchaser.  Girly-girl with a pottymouth.  Plagued by Wanderlust.  Sucker for a great patio.  Foodie.  Obsessed with music.  Overly-enthusiastic New York Giants fan.  Instagram junkie.  The list goes on.

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Trying My Hand at Something New:

I have completed three feature-length screenplays based on my Capitani Series, and a few short films.  Presently, I'm working on a Young Adult Fantasy novel series, and also just completed and registered a screenplay that I'd like to pursue filming! 

"One Night in Vegas" introduces us to Olivia Cane - a late-twenties woman who has agreed to marry the first good, genuine guy she's found, in her adventures in dating.  But the stress of planning a wedding has a way of introducing you to the real person you are committed to, and she's just not sure he's right for her, after all.

Then we have Ryan Matthews - thirty-ish and handsome, he is a columnist for a woman's magazine that glorifies him as Chicago's Most Eligible Bachelor.  We meet him as his editor chastises him for his lackluster take on the "joys of dating," and we watch him embark on a slew of dates that are as shallow as we think he is.

Ryan and Olivia's worlds collide when he sets off for a weekend in Vegas with his father, and Olivia travels there with her girlfriends for one last hurrah.  Tired of being told what she should do, Olivia ends up leaving her girlfriends to go have a drink at the bar.  Ryan's father ends up leaving him by his lonesome, and he decides to take a seat by Olivia at the bar. 

Sometimes all it takes is meeting the right person to throw your entire world off-kilter.  Check out the script, below!