"Dare to dream, and never accept failure."

I introduce you to the first "teaser" for the upcoming sequel to "Leaving Grangeville"!  Song credit goes to Hozier.  Enjoy!

"The sign entering our town had bullet holes.  'Welcome to Grangeville: Population 254,' it read.  Hell, that wasn't even accurate; I was keeping count.  We were down to two hundred and thirty-six people, now.  Our Yellow Pages more closely resembled a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet, and we couldn't even find enough people to advertise in it.  Pretty pathetic, actually.  My father owned the lone garage in town that addressed any-and-all of your automotive needs.  My mom taught Math and English to grades 7-12 at our school that looked as if it were erected when Jesus walked the Earth.  And me?  I got paid a hundred bucks a week under the table to run the reception desk and clean rooms at the only motel our town had." - Sofia Beauchamp, Leaving Grangeville

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